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Delicious brandies from our own DistilleryFine spirits from Sommerach

Besides exquisite wines, the Galena winery in Sommerach has much more to offer! Indulge in the pleasures of fine spirits. The fruits for our premium distillates are harvested by hand from mature old trees. The result is a distillate that touches the senses.

From our own fruit tree to the distillery - Our quality spirits

The fruits for our spirits are freshly harvested from the branches in our own fields. With passion and years of experience, they are then distilled in our in-house distillery and matured in wooden barrels to achieve the highest quality. It is important to us to contribute to landscape conservation through our orchard management. Therefore, we cultivate a wide variety of fruit species and provide a habitat for native animals.

Great pleasure selection from Sommerach

Our wide-ranging selection includes everything from Williams Christ pear, Mirabelle plum, Franconian fruit brandies, and Franconian plum brandies to old varieties such as Mollebusch pear brandy, various pomace brandies, and liqueurs. New to our range: distillates with exquisite fruit extracts from Williams Christ pears or plums. You can either visit us in Sommerach personally or browse our online shop! And even if you're more interested in wine, you're in the right place with us.

Wine and spiritslist

We would be pleased to send you the most up-to-date wine list. Please send an email to (Errors excepted: Prices are always based on the latest list.)

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