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Our Heckenwirtschaft in Sommerach A Warm Welcome!

Our Franconian wine is always the right company – and tastes especially good where it comes from: in our nice Heckenwirtschaft, a wine tavern open just part of the year and selling homegrown products, here in Sommerach. Come by, enjoy a good drop and relax in the idyllic landscape. For more than 10 years now we have been spoiling our guests with familial hospitality, delicious wines and Franconian delicacies!

In Best Company – Visit Our Heckenwirtschaft

Make friends and look forward to interesting, delightful, and special moments! In spring and fall (please check for exact dates below) we are pleased to welcome you Monday to Thursday 4 to 10 p.m.. Feel at ease in the cozy atmosphere of our Heckenwirtschaft and our appealing inner yard.

We spoil you with our Franconian house wines and distillates as well as with Franconian delicacies like bratwurst and sauerkraut, Blaue Zipfel (bratwurst in wine broth), and Kochkäse (cooked cheese). In addition to the classic dishes we also come up with seasonal treats like our plate of deer delicacies, the Fall Snack with three kinds of butter and Winemaker´s Cheese. Our cook Angela is a herb tour guide and therefore uses numerous regional herbs that turn each dish into something very special.

Franconian Wine and Franconian Delicacies in Sommerach

Did we arouse your curiosity? Then it´s time for a visit of our Heckenwirtschaft in Sommerach – here we attach utmost importancec to service, cheerfulness, and enjoyment!

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